Asparagus Risotto

Often the best meals are the ones that offer simplicity to preparation as well as presentation and taste… As it is in season I couldn’t hold back when I saw baby asparagus at a market stand in the city and all I could think of was… Risotto… Risotto Risotto.YUM! We all love a good risotto … Continue reading Asparagus Risotto

Saturday Snack

Every weekend should be accompanied by a snack. Something easy and tasty that you can share with the ones you love (or just hog it all for yourself). This simple recipe is one that is given in a hundred varieties depending on where in South America you are from and we choose to eat it … Continue reading Saturday Snack

Baked potatoes 

Lunch is always tricky and even more so when you can’t have what you usually have because it contains meat or another living being. Luckily we aren’t scared of trying new things. One of the new things we’ve tried as part of our vegetarian challenge is this baked potato stand at the viktualienmarkt. (For those … Continue reading Baked potatoes 

I Want Candy

As a vegetarian there are a lot of things you need to think about that one usually doesn’t think about. One of those things is what type of candy you eat. Here in Germany one of the most beloved sweets Gummibärchen (known to the rest of the world as HARIBO-Gummy bears) is made with gelatin … Continue reading I Want Candy